Woodworm Infestation

This bathroom was badly affected by #timberdecay and #woodworminfestation. People underestimate the damage #woodworm can do to the timbers within your property under the right conditions. #preservationglasgow #preservationexperts #dampness #dampproofingservices #dampproofingspecialist #timberrepairspecialist #timberdecay #rowardennan

Signs of Woodworm

Dry Rot

WOODWORM can be found in any part of the home where there is timber if conditions exist for the infestation. But how do you spot it and what’s the best treatment? The extent of woodworm damage depends on how long the woodworm has been active. While it takes a long time for a woodworm infestation […]

Woodworm Lifecycle

Dry Rot

There are four main stages that wood-boring beetles go through in their lifecycle. Egg form As with most beetles, the first stage is in egg form. A female woodworm will start the process by laying her eggs directly into the timber through any cracks or crevices that are present. After a few weeks, the eggs […]

Woodworm Damage

Not all woodworm is harmful. However, if is left untreated over time, woodworm can seriously weaken timber, causing severe damage within its structure. House Longhorn Beetle is known as the most damaging species, but any major infestation should be checked by a professional like SMPS. Whatever the damage, it is always advisable to to get it properly identified to determine whether […]