Damp proofing treatment Saltcoats

Project Type:

Damp proofing



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The Challenge:
A property in the coastal town of Saltcoats, was grappling with severe damp-related issues. The ingress of moisture had led to unsightly and potentially damaging consequences. The property’s structural integrity was at risk, and its aesthetics were marred by telltale signs of dampness, including peeling paint, discoloured patches, and a musty odour.

Our Approach:
Recognising the urgency and gravity of the situation, our expert team at SMPS sprang into action. A thorough inspection revealed the extent of the problem. We devised a comprehensive strategy to address the damp-related issues, protect the property, and restore it to its former glory.

The Solution:
Our damp-proofing works encompassed a multi-faceted approach:

Moisture Barrier Installation: We installed a state-of-the-art moisture barrier system to prevent further water infiltration.

Interior Renovation: The interior was not overlooked. We repaired damaged plaster, eliminated mould growth, and repainted the affected areas, leaving them pristine and visually appealing.

Ventilation Improvement: To ensure long-term protection, we enhanced the property’s ventilation to reduce humidity levels and prevent future dampness.

The Outcome:
Upon completion of the damp-proofing and restoration project, the property underwent a remarkable transformation. The unsightly signs of dampness were eradicated, and the musty odour disappeared. The structural integrity was reinforced, and the property now stands as a testament to our expertise and dedication.

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